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Beginning balance:  $467.37

-$5.69 road food
-$30.99 gasoline

-$8.99 gift

-$24.43 brunch
-$18.84 dinner
-$35.82 gasoline

Ending balance: $342.61

So, I spent a little more than my $75 budget, but J spent a lot of money on me on Saturday so I thought it was only fair I treat him on Sunday. It was a fabulous weekend. Quite possibly one of my favorite weekend trips to see him. However, right now I have a small case of the Monday blues. :( I really miss him.

I have some good news to share though: This morning I picked up prescriptions that cost a total of $219. Thanks to my new debit health card, I don’t have to pay for any of it! I am so thankful! :) I need to remember to recognize little blessings like these that come my way. This spending report would have been much different–I’d only have $123 left for the month after paying for the medicine!

Weekly To Dos:
-Catch up on emails.
-Catch up on blogs.
-Run 10 miles.
-Throw away rotting pumpkins (I know-so sad).
-No more grocery shopping until all food in apt is eaten.
-Unpack and clean the apartment.
-Pay cruise balance of $226.
-Hang new curtains.

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Health Benefits

The other day at our staff meeting our boss stood up and said that there were going to be some changes with our healthcare plan. Naturally, I assumed it would be a decrease on services or that the changes would only apply to those with spouses or children.

Not the case.

Apparently my company set up an account to allow each employee to have a debit card with $1,200 to use towards co-pays, prescriptions, and even over-the-counter medications for an entire year. How generous! Our healthcare insurance already is amazing–free dental, vision, medical–but with this card, I probably won’t have to spend a dime on health-related purchases while I am with this company.

It’s a good feeling working for a business that cares about the employees… it almost feels like I got a another raise. :)

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A while ago I asked what I should do with the additional money I’ll be receiving with my new raise at the end of September. Sadly, no one chose Option F! (Refresher: that option was “Put it all in my Clothing Fund and spend it frivolously.” Rats!). A lot of you had fantastic suggestions, and of course I wanted to use all of them. Finally, after doing a little basic math, I have come to a decision.

My decisions is to ….

Increase 401(k) & Debt Payment!

Those who suggested the closest were: Carrie, Stacking Pennies, Erin A, Julie K, and Serendipity. Thanks to all though!

I decided to put 3% of my salary into my 401(k) each month, which is about $100 of pre-taxed dollars. (My employer already contributes 3% regardless of what I do, so 6% will be added monthly.)

About $100 of the raise will be added to my take home pay and back into my monthly budget (we’ll see for sure; could be more or less depending on taxes). This $100 will then beef up my debt payment to around $600. I decided to split it this way because I feel my savings is sufficient to hold me over during this time. I cannot wait to start SAVING that $600 instead!

Here’s my excel chart of all of my payments. May 2010 has become my new favorite future month. ;)


Eight payments left until I am debt-free!

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At the beginning of this year I decided to set up a Flexible Spending Account with my employer for $200 a year. This means that each paycheck pre-taxed dollars are set aside into an account. If I purchase health products, including any prescriptions or over-the-counter medicine,  I turn in my receipt and get reimbursed from this account. Initially I thought it was a great idea, but that was before I realized that the account expires in December (dumb!), my other health benefits are great (covers contact lenses), and I’m overall pretty healthy .

So far I’ve only spent $11 on allergy medicine, but I have yet to be reimbursed for it since the total needs to be $15 or greater. Perhaps this is something I will use once I have children or change jobs with sucky benefits, but right now I don’t think it’s worth it. I am considering just going to CVS,  buying a bunch of medicine, turning in my receipts to get reimbursed, and then returning all of the medicine.

Has anyone else had luck with their FSA?

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