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Blogs & Coffee


My favorite part of the day is in the early morning: I sit on my couch with a newly brewed cup of coffee and open my computer up to peruse blog updates from dear friends I have subscribed to. I saw this poster on Naturally Nina–a new blog I’m quickly falling in love with. It’s so adorable and so true.

Thanks to all the blogs that make my day happier!

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Anonymous Blogging

One of the decisions I made when I first started this blog was to remain anonymous. I wanted to have a network of readers, but didn’t necessarily want my friends and family to be among that audience. This was for two reasons: 1) I didn’t want to disclose my financial information to friends and 2) there’s something about anonymity that gave me the freedom to be more honest.

I love reading blogs–especially personal finance ones. They inspire me, give me ideas to write about and to practice, and I feel like I’ve gotten to be friends with many of the writers. I know that many other PF bloggers are anonymous also, but I’m wondering…

How many close friends/family know about your blog?
No one?
Just a select few?
Open to everyone?
Ever had anyone find your blog?

My Answer:
I’ve shown this blog to my boyfriend J and my younger sister (hi guys!).

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