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One year ago my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and after months of chemo, surgery and radiation, thankfully today she is a breast cancer survivor!

{sign my sister made for her last chemo}

This Saturday my family is hosting a Celebration Party to thank all the friends and families who fought with us this past year. My mom created an Evite a few months ago, and what started with just a couple dozen invites has turned into 89 people who RSVPed “Yes.” That’s the size of a small wedding! Nevertheless, it should be a great time with lots of southern sunshine, five different kinds of cake, and friendly faces I haven’t seen in months (including my BFF and J!).

Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate life and welcome Spring, don’t you think? Hope everyone else has a great weekend! :)

PS- You guys are AWESOME! I couldn’t believe how many congratulations I got yesterday… thanks so much for all your support!

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Purchasing in Pink

The color pink is a happy color. It is the color of pretty handbags and cashmere sweaters. It’s the color you see at the peak of a gorgeous sunrise. It’s the soft color that lights up cherry blossom trees in the spring. It signifies gentleness and femininity.

At least that’s what I’ve traditionally thought when I saw the color. However, I’ve had a different perspective on pink since I found out my mom has breast cancer. It still represents femininity, but the gentleness has gone. I see it now and think perseverance, strength, struggle.

Tomorrow my mom has her last chemotherapy treatment. These months have been challenging, but not without its many blessings. So far the doctors have nothing but good news, but we will know more after surgery and a few rounds of radiation. Thank you for all of your thoughts, prayers and support these last few months! I am hopeful to one day announce my mom as a breast cancer survivor.

But of course I couldn’t write a whole post without have a personal finance reference! ;) About a month ago I ordered this debit card from my bank. Each time I used it, it reminds me to pray for my mom and other women out there suffering with breast cancer. I love it!

Susan G Komen Debit Visa

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