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I know I know I know. :( I said I wouldn’t shop, but I did. You all are probably sooo disappointed in me and I’m a terrible example of self discipline. I had a Friends and Family 30% discount at Banana Republic and the Gap and went to the OUTLETS. I just couldn’t give up the chance to buy $15 work pants. And $10 purple flats. And a $10 cardigan. And a few other pretty things…. I’m a failuuuure!

I thought about not sharing this little $120 budget deficit with you all, but of course I have to tell the truth on this blog. Budget and spending report need some work before they show their face on here.

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Make $150 in extra income
CHECK! I made $165 this month, which was helpful but not quite enough.

Stick to training schedule/Run three times a week.
FAIL. I was sick the second week and therefore did not workout at all. Training is going okay. After A’s wedding in a week I’ll start H-Core style.

Pay $650 to debt
FAIL. I’m so bummed about this one. I had $200 from D’s rent but that went to cover gifts and the netbook I purchased. I only paid $500 to debt. Still good, but not what I was hoping for this month.

Save $205:
  • $100 Roth IRA–CHECK! I paid $100 plus transfered $195 from Wedding Fund.
  • $30 Christmas–CHECK!
  • $25 Car–CHECK! Used this on an oil change though.
  • $50 Wedding–FAIL, but it was put into the Roth
Increase net worth by $1000
FAIL. Yeah, I only increased by $499. More on net worth later.
Start sewing a quilt (budget:$50)
EH? I bought the fabric. Does that count?

Find a running partner or a running group
FAIL. But I did go running with some friends so that should count for something.

Do three things on my Warm Weather Goals
CHECK! Of course I would accomplish the fun stuff. I went to Jazz in the Garden, bought and painted a dresser, and ate my favorite ice cream: Key Lime Pie. Mmmmm.


Discretionary Expenses: $550
Gas: $120 Under by $14
Food: $225 Over by $40
Gifts: $100 Over by $213 (dannnng)
Hobbies: $50 Over by $25
Misc: $55 Over by A LOT. Try $185.

YIKES! This month did not look good. My car was towed, I bought the netbook, I bought some work pants, I spent some mooah on friends… let’s just say I am glad to start fresh in a new month. I have $185 to pay on my credit card and I absolutely hate starting a new month like that.

Oh well! New day, new month, new budget. Let’s hope July is better. *crosses fingers*

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Summertime Apathy

I haven’t been doing very well on my budget at all this month. I thought I would be okay with buying the netbook and taking trips and buying gifts and going out with friends, but it turns out I didn’t make as much as I thought I would in extra income, and, well, June’s turned out to be the worst money month of this year. At least that’s what it looks like when I crunch the end-of-month numbers. Oh well! I don’t regret doing any of those things, but I am a little bummed that my net worth isn’t growing as fast as I predicted.

It will be another expensive few weeks with friends in town for the Fourth and traveling for A’s wedding, plus I have only one babysitting job lined up for all of July. I’m kind of torn because I know I should care and be really upset–and part of me is–but the other part is a little apathetic. Perhaps I should be a little better at anticipating the upcoming month and plan my budget accordingly so I’m not completely devastated when I’m way over. You’ll see what I mean when I post my embarrassing June results soon.

Anyway, payday is tomorrow, this is a four-day week, and I am thankful. :)

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Georgetown? I loved it on Saturday. I bought one top from Urban ($10), one top ($29) and one nightgown ($29) from Anthropologie, and a gorgeous dress from a little boutique ($60-orig $118!). In total: $128.

I have just completely bombed May. But you know what? I kind of don’t care. You ever feel like once you fail, you figure you may as well fail big? That’s kind of what I’ve been doing.

Apathy is such a deadly little sickness in this saving game, but I’m determined not to let it kill the next two weeks. Right now my plan is to survive without spending any this week. That means nothing. If I can do that, this weekend might be a bit more enjoyable. I will just have to pay penance with June’s check. And try to get as many side jobs as I can get.

Ugh. I hate shopping hangovers.

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