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Happy Valentine’s Day!

First off, Happy Valentine’s Day to the all the single ladies (and lads) out there! I have spent many Valentine’s Days alone and know that sometimes it’s kind of hard to see other friends get flowers, chocolates, etc. Well, forget them. This is a holiday for everyone, not just the lovers. My very best Valentine’s Day wasn’t when I had a boyfriend, but was with a group of friends just laughing and having a good time.

Secondly, Happy Valentine’s Day to those in a relationship! Hope it’s a delightful day and you feel very loved and special. :)

As for me, this year I’m not celebrating Valentine’s Day today… I’m waiting until next weekend when J COMES TO VISIT!!! Well, he’s not really visiting for Valentine’s Day, but that won’t stop me from making delicious heart-shaped treats. We’re not really big on this holiday, but I will probably get him a little something… and of course won’t be upset if he happens to write me a gushy love letter or gives me decadent chocolates or a supremely romantic gift (hint to J if you’re reading this.) ;)

What are your Valentine’s Day plans? Any romantic evenings planned? Anyone going out with girlfriends to see Valentine’s Day?

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Have a happy New Year’s Eve!

I hope you have a wonderful New Year’s Eve! Grab yourself a glass of champagne and put on a party hat, because 2010 is going to be a great year, my friends!

Here’s a clip from one of my favorite movies.
Warning: If you’ve never seen When Harry Met Sally this clip may spoil it for you. I suggest getting off the internet and watching it asap because it’s fabulous. :)

Happy New Year!

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This year I was asked to participate in a Holiday Blogging Swap and of course I said YES! Kaileen Elise, Chelsea Bea at Pencil Skirt & Pearls and Carolyn at Hang on Little Tomato organized it, three lovely bloggers you should definitely check out. I had the privilege of getting City Girl Lifestyle to send a gift to and receive from! CGL is a blogger who writes about all things lovely, including beauty, fashion, cooking, and of course city life! She lives nearby so there’s no surprise that my favorite posts are when she mentions Life in DC.

The purpose of the Blogging Swap is to spread holiday love through Warmth, Sparkle, Cheer and Sweets. Here are the delightful things I received from City Girl:

SPARKLE: She knows I’m about to go on a holiday cruise, so she gave me delightful little lotions, soaps, shampoos, etc. for my journey. So thoughtful. :)

SWEETS & CHEER: These sweet sure did cheer me up! As soon as I opened the package, I went straight for those Sea Salt Caramels. Yum yum yum.

WARMTH: I wish that there was some way you could smell this gingerbread coffee and feel how soft this scarf is. Oh my.


Wow, I feel so blessed to have such wonderful gifts and be in touch with so many fantastic girls across the web. A huge thank you to City Girl Lifestyle for the thoughtful and perfect gifts, and also to the organizers Kaileen Elise, Carolyn, and Chelsea Bea! Check back with Kaileen Elise in the next week to see the rest of the gifts among the Holiday Bloggers! :)

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Favorite Holiday Chick Flick:
The Holiday. I’m not a hu
uuge fan of Cameron Diaz’s character, but Kate Winselet makes up for all she lacks. My favorite scene is when they’re in the movie store drinking frappuccinos.

“I like corny. I’m looking for corny in my life.”

Favorite Holiday Kid Movie:
Home Alone I & II.
Ah, what a classic. I remember watching these movies every Thanksgiving evening with all of my cousins. Isn’t it funny how the holidays make you remember old times?

“Hiya, pal. We outsmarted you this time.”

Favorite Not-Christmas Movie That Always Makes Me Think of Christmas:
Little Women.
Just listening to the opening music makes me feel cozy, warm, and reminds me of home. This movie is almost as good as the book.

“Go, and embrace your liberty. And see what wonderful things come of it.”

Favorite Holiday Comedy:
Love Actually. Such a great one. You may think this should be in the Chick Flick category, but my boyfriend who hates”girly movies” loves this one.
My favorite couple, you ask? The one with Colin Firth, obviously.

“We need Kate, and we need Leo. And we need them now.”

Favorite Holiday Classic:
It’s a Wonderful Life.
My family always watches this movie on Christmas Eve next to a fire eating something festive. It is my all-time favorite holiday movie. It’s just sooo wonderful. A close second classic is White Christmas.

“I wanna live again! I wanna live again!”

What is your favorite holiday movie?

[Post inspired by the lovely Naturally Nina. :)]

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December, you’re here!!!


1. Increase net worth by $1,000.
It’s going to happen this month… I can feel it.

2. Cruise goals:
Get a really good tan.
-Don’t use the elevator at all.
-Have a fab time.

3. Kiss J at midnight on New Year’s Eve.
This may seem like a no-brainer, but we’re not sure our New Years plans yet. And last year it didn’t happen! We were at a party and for some reason I was playing with a dog and didn’t realize it was midnight… needless to say I’d really like a midnight kiss this year.

4. Update blog with holiday header.
Preferably this week!

5. Recap 2009 goals and decide 2010 goals.
I love making new goals! 2010 is going to be a REALLY good year.

6. Watch at least 3 holiday movies.
Yaaaaay! Holiday movies!!!

7. Workout a decent amount.
I’m not putting a specific goal on this because I don’t want to be bummed in if I don’t reach it. If I have not gained any weight by January then I’ll be happy.

8. Have a holly, jolly Christmas!


{photo credit}

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Thanksgiving Highlights:

  • Eating my body weight in turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, etc.
  • Sleeping in on Black Friday.
  • Not checking facebook, email or blogs for four days.
  • Hosting 20+ family members at my parent’s house.
  • Creating silly videos with all of my cousins.
  • Attending my first NHL game.
  • Sharing leftovers with my parents and J’s parents.
  • Blasting Christmas music on my 6+hour drive.

Spending Report:

Beginning Balance: $144.42

Deposit: +$40 babysitting
Cable: $50
Gas: $31.76
Target: $38.33 food, gifts
Gas: $28.63
Starbucks: $10 (two $5 gift cards)
Chickfila: $7.98
Panera: $4.99
Wendy’s: $3.88

Ending Balance: $38.48

{photo credit}

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Pre-Holiday Thoughts

Hooray for the holidays!!!!

Tomorrow I’m going home for Thanksgiving and I’m so excited. There’s just something about sharing a meal that bonds people together, eh? Last year my family and I went to New York for Thanksgiving, which was awesome, but I am happy to be going home this year. My home is the central place for all of my extended family, so we are hosting Thanksgiving this year. I absolutely love having a house full of the people I love and good food. Best combo ever.

While the holidays are awesome, it’s no mystery that they can also cause lots of stress. You know: grocery store lines, shopping trips, family quarrels, traffic (oh, I-495, how I loathe you), and all those other things when masses of people celebrate the same holiday. However, I am determined to have a great attitude about EVERYTHING. That’s right, even the stop-and-go traffic I’m bound to experience tomorrow on my 6+hour trip. (That is what Christmas music is for!)

Speaking of grocery store lines, here’s a little clip from my favorite Thanksgiving movie scene:

“Happy Thanksgiving Back.” Love it.

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Happy Halloween! Isn’t this picture above adorable?? I love cute little kids in costumes. One day I hope to have a front porch where I can sit with friends and hand candy out to the trick or treaters all evening. :) Here’s my spending report for the week. It looks pretty good for the last week of the month!


Beginning Balance: $88.32

-$7.71 groceries – coffee & creamer for the week
-$67.09 cable – yeah, our promotion ended and it’s twice what it normally is. I didn’t want to get cable in the first place… I’ll save this for another post.

Tuesday & Wednesday:
Spent nothing!

Spent nothing!
+$60 babysitting (added to the Car Repair Fund)

Ending Balance: $13.52

Today is payday, but I don’t think I am going to count it until next week and see if I can use my $13.52 for this weekend. I am also awaiting $114 from my roommate for apartment reimbursements and should get that today.


Friday Shout Out:
I’d like to say a very belated congratulations to Forest @ Forest on Finance for getting married last month! Seriously, this is way overdue, but go look at the pretty pictures he posted. I love hearing guys talk about weddings and love (and money!), so you should check out his blog.

Weekend Plans?
Any awesome weekend plans? Anyone dressing up for Halloween? It’s a special night this year: on a Saturday AND you get an extra hour with Daylight Savings. I’m going to a party as a DC Tourist. Perhaps a little lame, but the $0 price tag sure makes it awesome.

Hope you all have a spoooky weekend! ;)

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I play the same game every few weeks. I look at my calendar and say to myself, What?! How is it already October TWENTIETH? Where is this month going? What happened to this year?!

I need to stop being surprised and embrace that life is moving fast these days.


As November is fast approaching, I cannot help but get a little nervous. I notoriously try to be “frugal” for the holidays, only to realize New Year’s Day that I failed miserably. For example, I entered 2009 with a $300+ balance on my credit card. Granted, I paid it off in January, but that could have been $300 going towards savings and starting the year off right.

My goal this holiday season is to have a $0 credit card balance and zero regret! I am determined to have a great holiday season, but also to leave it behind me when I enter 2010!

How will I accomplish that? By planning and saving, of course! Here’s some lists of approximate costs for the holidays that will be added to my regular monthly budget in November & December.

Gifts to Buy: $275
-My Family
-My best friend’s birthday – $30
-J’s sister – $15
-J’s parents – $30
-J’s graduation present – $100
-J’s Christmas present – $50
-Unexpected gifts – $50

Perhaps you’re looking at this list thinking I’m A) a Scrooge who needs to give more gifts, or B) friendless. Well, neither is the case. A long time ago my friends and I decided we wouldn’t give gifts during the holidays since December is expensive enough for everyone. Excellent decision. As for my family, we are going on the cruise this year and promised each other we wouldn’t give gifts. I am spending part of the holidays with J and his family so I want to make sure I get them some things. And the unexpected gift is for any silly company or friend “dirty santa/white elephant” gift exchange that may arise. I really don’t like those.

Other Holiday Expenses: $533
-Wrapping paper, cards & supplies: $50
-Gas while traveling: an extra $100 in Nov/Dec
-Eating out/entertainment: an extra $100 in Nov/Dec
-Parties/Food: an extra $50
-Cruise balance: $233 left to pay

There’s always more expenses than just gifts. You know the like: you’re invited to a cookie exchange and spend $20 at the grocery store for ingredients. Your company has a holiday party and that frumpy red sweater doesn’t meet the dress code. You travel to visit family and forget to factor the $5 toll road fee.


    Sure some of this will be out of my monthly budget and sure some of it were overestimated amounts… but still, $800 is a lot to pay for the holidays!

    My broad goals:

    • Have $0 on my credit card on New Year’s.
    • Buy all of my gifts and have them wrapped by December 1st.
    • Pay off cruise balance of $233 by Thanksgiving.

    More specific goals and how I plan to pay for the holidays to come…!!!

    Have you thought about what the Holidays will cost you?

    {photo: via etsy}

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