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My weekend high expectations were certainly met; J and I had a terrific time together! We went shopping, saw two movies, watched a lot of Olympics, ate lots of food, and laughed constantly. It was just what we needed after a month and a half apart.

Beginning Balance: $97.50

+$50 babysitting cash (used it all on food, parking fees, etc.)
-$56.54 dinner
J paid for everything else

Ending Balance: $40.96

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Happy Weekend Ahead!

There are many downsides to long distance relationships–I don’t think I need to reiterate this list since they’re fairly obvious. But one positive thing for LDRs is when you finally get to see the person.

You know the saying “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”? I don’t know if that’s necessarily true. I think I would grow just as fond of J if we were living in the same town as we do being apart, but I do turn into a different person after two long, cold months of not seeing each other. For example,  I am currently sitting at my desk at work like I’m a little school girl on Christmas Eve. I check the clock every half hour. All my gal-pal coworkers keep giving me comments about my stellar mood. I have a silly grin that has been plastered on my face since I woke up this morning. Perhaps the saying should be “Absence makes the heart a giddy fool” instead? ;)

Weekend Plans Thus Far: Tonight I have to babysit (because my bank account has diminished to a mere $97), but he will be waiting for me at home when I get off (and I have planned a nice “hello J!” surprise apartment for when he arrives). My roommate will be out of town and we plan to go see Avatar and Valentine’s Day (a his/her movie compromise). Of course besides entertainment, we seem to have brainstormed far more restaurant ideas than there are meals in our weekend so we will attempt to tackle that challenge with gusto.

Aw, yay. I love happy weekend and cannot wait for them to begin!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

First off, Happy Valentine’s Day to the all the single ladies (and lads) out there! I have spent many Valentine’s Days alone and know that sometimes it’s kind of hard to see other friends get flowers, chocolates, etc. Well, forget them. This is a holiday for everyone, not just the lovers. My very best Valentine’s Day wasn’t when I had a boyfriend, but was with a group of friends just laughing and having a good time.

Secondly, Happy Valentine’s Day to those in a relationship! Hope it’s a delightful day and you feel very loved and special. :)

As for me, this year I’m not celebrating Valentine’s Day today… I’m waiting until next weekend when J COMES TO VISIT!!! Well, he’s not really visiting for Valentine’s Day, but that won’t stop me from making delicious heart-shaped treats. We’re not really big on this holiday, but I will probably get him a little something… and of course won’t be upset if he happens to write me a gushy love letter or gives me decadent chocolates or a supremely romantic gift (hint to J if you’re reading this.) ;)

What are your Valentine’s Day plans? Any romantic evenings planned? Anyone going out with girlfriends to see Valentine’s Day?

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…years ago I went on my first date with J. It’s funny looking back at how awkward and nervous we both were. Or maybe I am just speaking for myself. I woke up so giddy that morning and it took me an hour to pick an outfit. The afternoon was so pleasant that I had my apartment door open and I remember seeing him at the doorway with wildflowers in his hands. We started laughing when we got to the restaurant because it was a Tuesday night and so empty. I remember I ordered spaghetti and asked him about old girlfriends (two things I heard later you should never do on a first date.) After that I had the most amazing week of my life. What a funny time that was back then! It’s been a great year and a half and I can’t wait for more.

Forgive the occasional bursts of affection and sentiments. I try not not let this be a “love blog” but am such a little Romantic I can’t help it sometimes! :)

{Photo/art from MadeByGirl}

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Have a love-ly weekend.


This weekend I am visiting J! I can hardly contain my excitement. Sure we saw each other in Atlanta and when I went to that wedding, but it really hasn’t been since August that we’ve had just a low-key weekend by ourselves.

It’s also the last time I’ll be able to visit him before he graduates in December! Y’all–he’s graduating in one month. I’m so excited! His post-grad plans, you ask? Well. Right now it’s moving home (4 hours from me instead of 7!) and looking for a job.

Weekend Agenda:
-Eat lots and lots of good food.
-Attend a college football game.
-Visit the local pub.
-Watch movies and giggle a lot.
-Play pretend that we live in the same town.

Weekend Budget:
-$75 on gasoline and road food. (J said he’d cover the rest. Always a sweetheart that one.)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

{photo credit}

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Friday, I’m in love.

Since it’s paycheck week, my money is flowing in all different directions and there’s not going to be a weekly spending report today. I know, it’s tragic. The reasons are twofold:  1) I’ve got some extra money earned that I’m still deciding where to put it; and 2) I’m lazy! And don’t feel like doing the math! And I know it won’t happen tonight since I’m going out with friends. Tehe.


Nevertheless, with or without a spending report, I just had to leave a little note to my favorites and say have a good weekend! :) Oh, and two weeks until I get to see J! Friday, I’m in love…

{photo: via etsy}

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My Latest Love: Nike+iPod

Ladies and gentlemen: I have a new love in my life. That’s right. Move over, J, you are being replaced by a piece of technology.


The Nike + iPod has won my heart.

About two months ago I won a gift certificate to my Running Store for $30. I was so excited, but hesitated buying something until I knew exactly what I wanted to purchase. Stupid, stupid move. I waited two months to buy this gadget? Actually I waited longer because J suggested I buy it back in April when I first signed up for the Half Marathon. Here’s my public apology: I should have listened!

But since it was a piece of technology, naturally I thought it would cost me more than $30. Which, it did–an extra $5 for the rubber on your shoe (my running shoes aren’t Nike). Well, $5 won’t break the bank. I wish more than anything I had started my training with this. (Btw this is not at all a sponsored post.)

My life before the Nike + iPod:
In a nutshell: terrible. I would run a while, then come back and look on GoogleMaps to determine how far I ran. I never knew how many calories I burned (hate running on the treadmill), and only on days that I wasn’t lazy (ahem–rarely) would I figure out my pace.

My life with Nike + iPod:
Better than I ever imagined. I start my run setting a goal up front: Distance, Calorie Burn, or Time. I pick a good playlist and then start running. A kind voice tells me each 0.5 mile what I’ve done and reports my pace thus far. The first time I used it I heard “Pace: 10:37” and thought to myself “Well, I can push myself a little harder than that.” By the end of the run, I had averaged a 9:48/mile. Pretty awesome! But what’s even more awesome? You can go home, plug in your ipod and keep a database online of all of your runs, which playlist you ran to, connect with other runners around the world, post goals,  join challenges, sign up for coaches… it’s amazing.

Has anyone else fallen in love with the Nike + iPod?

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Love is patient.

My least favorite feeling in all the world is discontentment. It always gets me when my defenses are down and my eyes begin to wander. I start to envy others’ blessings and forget my own.

The truth? I am just where I need to be. I needn’t wish away this season of my life or plan my future so much that I miss out on the everyday blessings in front of me. One day I’ll look back where I am right now and truly miss it.

all you need is love

There’s no need to rush. Love is patient. :)

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1. Waking up in warm covers to a crisp autumn morning.

2. The taste of a pumpkin spice latte. I’m sorry, I can’t stop talking about them.

3. Getting a text from J that merely said “Good luck running! I’m so proud of you!”

4. Wearing my college hoodie and slippers around the apartment.

5. Watching football on a Sunday afternoon.

6. Eating nearly my body weight in delicious seafood at the Maryland Seafood Festival.

7. Smelling a bondfire outside and spontaneously roasting marshmellows over the stove with my roommate.

I just love this season. :)

photo by wishwishwish

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Purchasing in Pink

The color pink is a happy color. It is the color of pretty handbags and cashmere sweaters. It’s the color you see at the peak of a gorgeous sunrise. It’s the soft color that lights up cherry blossom trees in the spring. It signifies gentleness and femininity.

At least that’s what I’ve traditionally thought when I saw the color. However, I’ve had a different perspective on pink since I found out my mom has breast cancer. It still represents femininity, but the gentleness has gone. I see it now and think perseverance, strength, struggle.

Tomorrow my mom has her last chemotherapy treatment. These months have been challenging, but not without its many blessings. So far the doctors have nothing but good news, but we will know more after surgery and a few rounds of radiation. Thank you for all of your thoughts, prayers and support these last few months! I am hopeful to one day announce my mom as a breast cancer survivor.

But of course I couldn’t write a whole post without have a personal finance reference! ;) About a month ago I ordered this debit card from my bank. Each time I used it, it reminds me to pray for my mom and other women out there suffering with breast cancer. I love it!

Susan G Komen Debit Visa

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