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Liquid Assets: $4,406.58
Checking Account: $24.01

Emergency Savings: $4,076.41
Car Repair Fund: $89.66
Gift Fund: $165.47
Me Fund: $25
Future Fund: $26.03

Long-term Assets: $4,962.18
401(k): $3,648.27
Roth IRA: $1,275.33
Stocks: $38.58

Debts: $126.78
Credit Card: $126.78

Net Worth = $9,241.98

My cash was down $354 because I had to pay for the car repairs. I’m so upset that I had to use my credit card the first month I become debt-free! Oh well, I need to move on. There’s always an ebb and flow to finances and I’m pretty optimistic about April’s results.


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Here’s the Breakdown:

Liquid Assets: $4,760
Checking Account: $54.48
Emergency Savings: $3,976 | $500 added to this from Tax Refund
Car Repair Fund: $638
Gift Fund: $65.47
Future Fund: $26.03

Long-term Assets: $4,335
401(k): $3,252
Roth IRA: $1,044
Stocks: $38

Debts: $602
Student Loans: $500 | paid $1,200 towards debt!
Credit Cards: $102 | payment on this balance was pending on 2/28

Net Worth = $8,493

I increased my net worth by $2,035, which was mostly due to $1,200 paying debt, my $500 federal tax refund, and the stock market doing well. I think Frugal February was a success!

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Here’s the Breakdown:

Cash (or Liquid Assets): $4,218
Checking Account: $32
Emergency Savings: $3,473
Car Repair Fund: $604
Gift Fund: $84

Retirement (or Longterm Assets): $3,902
401(k): $2,959
Roth IRA: $943
Stocks: $38 – I have no idea why I have this and really should do something with it.

Debts: $1,700
Student Loans: $1,700 (down $800)

Net Worth = $6,458

I increased my net worth by $1,075, a pretty tall order with some large purchases and a loooong month that never seemed to end. Oh, AND here’s an official announcement that I’m a member of the Thousand Dollar Club! Huzzah!

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December is traditionally the most expensive month for me. As you all know I was MIA for about two weeks on vacation so I only checked my online bank account a few times to make sure I wasn’t over budget. To be honest I didn’t really think about my money that much. So when I finally calculated my net worth, I was shocked! Somehow I managed to increase my net worth by over $1,600! That is the most that it has increased since I got my tax refund in March.

Here are the details:

Cash: +$235

  • Checking: $110
  • Car Repair Fund: $427 — Added $144 to this fund from extra money, etc.
  • Christmas: $85 — No change.
  • Wedding: $25 — I added $975 from my Wedding Fund to my Emergency Fund so they were combined. After I pay off my debt, I want to get my Emergency Fund to $10,000 and then save for a wedding. That’s the plan today, anyways.
  • Emergency: $3,466 — Added $975 from Wedding Fund plus $105 saved from the month from extra money.

Retirement: +$350

  • Roth: $866 — $100 added in December, plus interest.
  • 401k: $2,863 — $200 was added (me+employer), plus interest.

Debt: -$1,000

  • Debt to Parents: $2,500 — I paid $1,000 towards my debt in December. Cha-ching!

TOTAL NET WORTH: $5,383 as of 12/31/2009

Summary: It is so encouraging to see that this stuff is really working. It’s really happening! I’m almost done with my debt and already my Emergency Fund sits at almost $3,500! I know January will be pretty expensive and there will be future months with a lot of expenses… but for now I’m just savoring the fact that I ended December worth $11,822 more than in 2008. Hell yeah!

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November Net Worth: +$812

Readers: Do you know your net worth? Yeah yeah, I know about you PF bloggers… but what about you other readers (if there are any): Do you know what you are worth?

I remember when I first heard in the finance world to “calculate your net worth” I thought it would be a long, complicated process. Well, it turned out to be super short and simple because I had so little money to calculate. Ever since then, knowing my net worth has really helped me in keeping my eye “on the prize.” (The prize, of course, being financially secure. That’s what this blog is all about, right?).

On my PF spreadsheet, my net worth sheet is named “HOPE” because it always makes me feel hopeful to see my progress since I began tracking.  Sure there were months it didn’t increase a lot, but slowly and steadily I’m getting closer to becoming financially secure.

If you’ve never calculated your net worth, I highly encouraged it. It may not be a fun experience or a pretty picture, but if you stick to it, you just may be surprising how hopeful it becomes.

Here’s how you calculate:

Assets  – Liabilities = Net Worth

Assets = Anything you own: bank accounts, savings, retirement, cars, etc.
Liabilities = Anything you owe: debts, credit cards, mortgage, etc.

Now here’s mine for November:

A few notes on my November Net Worth:

  • My cash is lower because I paid the rest of the Cruise balance of $225 and also used cash to pay for Christmas presents.
  • Saved $125 in the Car Repair Fund.
  • I don’t include my car because I don’t plan on ever selling it, but it’s worth about $1500.
  • Retirement was pretty standard.
  • I pay my credit card each month so that balance was pending payment on Nov. 30th.
  • Paid $700 towards my debt. Holla!
  • Right now I’m worth $3,713!

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My net worth increased more than I expected in October! I had a $380 car repair and contributed $100 more towards charity than I normally do.

october net worth

-I increased Christmas Fund by $180
-I saved $90 in my Emergency Fund
-I paid off $380 in car repairs and added $85 back to the Car Repair account
-Retirement is pretty standard, but I thought it would increase by at least $300.
-I earned $5.25 in interest and it all went to my Emergency Fund.
-I paid off $600 of debt.
-I use my credit card for some purchases because of the points. That will be paid off this week.
Click here to see more details.

Net Worth: $2,901!

I love months when it increases by $1000 or more! It means I’m doing something right. :)

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September Net Worth: +$753

I’m pretty happy about September’s net worth. On any other month, I’d be kind of bummed about only an increase of $753, but this month I’m pretty pleased. I had $350 in car repairs, $150 towards the cruise, and $100 in my clothing budget for my birthday. I made a lot of money thanks to the Earn More Challenge and most of that went back to my Repair fund.

sept net worth

A few notes:
-Car Repair Fund: $471.56 (-$42)
Because of many car repairs, this account fluctuated the most over the month of September. I had to pay $350 to fix my car, plus added $318 back to it thanks to the Earn More Challenge and some birthday money.

-Cruise/Christmas Fund: $133.64 (-$150)
I paid $150 for the cruise deposit. I still have $227 left to pay and may have to use some more savings next month.

-Credit Card: $42.00 (-$42.00)
I use my credit card just for gaining points and pay it off each month. My payment hadn’t gone through yet at the end of the month, which is why it’s listed.


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