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Lent 2010

Today is Ash Wednesday which means Lent begins! I usually give up something for Lent, even though I’m not Catholic. Last year it was shopping, the year before that it was chocolate, and the year before that it was sweets altogether (which turned out to be too hard, thus the reason for “only no chocolate” a year later).

I almost forgot about Lent until yesterday when Chelsea Bea reminded me of it via Twitter. All of yesterday I was racking my brain to think of things to give up.  I talked to J about it, but he thinks it’s ridiculous that I practice something that’s not in my religion. Well, whatever. I think having a challenge and discipling yourself is always a positive thing.

I thought of doing shopping again, but I really haven’t been that much lately anyway so it isn’t a huge temptation. And all other usual Lent items (like alcohol or chocolate or fatty foods or profanity or coffee) I just didn’t feel mentally prepared for or don’t struggle enough for it to be a challenge.

Then it came to me! Instead of giving up something, I’ll give back this Lent season! I thought of quantifying this goal into something like “one good thing a week” but I don’t want to force it and kind of want to see what opportunities open up, whether it’s my time, money or talents (how my talents will help someone else, who knows). I’m so excited about it! I’m on sort of “Do-Good” mission for the next few months and I can’t wait to share the cool opportunities that arise from it!

What about you? Anything you plan to give up for Lent?

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I am pretty sure I am a server’s worst nightmare when I go out to eat. I order water to drink, opt out of an appetizer, order the cheapest thing on the menu (or worse–split it with a friend), and never order dessert or coffee. By the end of the night I’m probably the cheapest customer in the restaurant.

However I always redeem myself for my frugal meal by leaving a generous tip.

I used to be a server and know how it feels to receive a terrible tip. Once I got a $7 tip on a $100+ bill. Another time I had a very high mainteance table on a calm evening (aka: there were no issues with their food, etc.), and they actually wrote “Sorry!” in the blank area where you leave your tip. I couldn’t believe it. Who does that?

So if I am going to a restaurant on a budget, I will make sure to order a small amount of food in order to leave a generous tip. If I cannot afford to tip well, then I cannot afford to eat at that restaurant. And it’s not that I tip unusually large, but I rarely ever tip under 20%, even if it was terrible service. I remember those hard days of waiting tables and couldn’t tell you how great it felt to get a generous tip. It meant the world to me.

One day, just for kicks, I want to leave a $100 tip on some $10 meal. Wouldn’t that be awesome to bless someone in that way? I can’t wait to do fun stuff like that with my money in the future. :)


What about you?
What percent do you tip? Any server/tipping stories? What cool ways do you want to bless others with your money?


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There are so many inspiring bloggers that have done some incredible things to get out of debt. Carrie recently talked about her experience living the bare minimum to pay her’s off. FB at Fabulously Broke worked her way out of $60,000 debt on a $65,000 salary. SS4BC each month pays 38% of her paycheck. Krystal paid $17,000 debt in 10 months. Debt Ninja pays over $1300 towards his debt. Now granted each of them have different salaries and different living expenses, but I surely I can afford to get a little more intense with mine.

What would it look like if I pay just $100 more each month?

Currently I pay $600 a month, which is still a lot of money for me. But $700 towards debt? That would be hard work! And pretty freaking awesome! If I start in November, then it will be an even six payments of $700 and I would be one month closer to becoming debt-free. *dreamy sigh* I think I could definitely handle $700 in January, but with November and December’s holiday expenses, that may make things a bit tight. It’s not a huge sacrifice to add more to savings because if I need the money, it’s still within reach. But paying off more debt is a bit riskier because once the check is sent, it’s gone forever!


I’m going to do it. I’m going to pay $700 towards my debt starting next month.

April 2010… here I come!!!

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