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Beginning Balance: $339.67

Gasoline: $27.04
*Groceries: $12.08
Panera: $5.72
Subway: $3.62
Potbelly’s: $2.85
**Bike pump: $15.89

Blogging: +$130 — sent this money to the Car Repair fund

Ending Balance: $272.47

*Note on Groceries:
In an effort to Eat my Entire Kitchen this month, I needed to buy a few things. I bought lettuce, orange juice, milk, turkey, and sandwich bags. Of the $100 groceries budget, I have $87.92 left for April.

**Bike Pump:
Back in January I bought the cutest bike from my friend, but haven’t ridden it much since it  needed air in the tires. This glorious spring weekend I finally bought a bike pump and it’s sooo fun to ride my bike everywhere! I only used my car once–I love it!

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Beginning Balance: $44.05

end of march expenses:
Gasoline: $77.55
Gifts: $51.83 (sister’s birthday & get well gift for J’s dad)
Groceries: $7.26
Dining: $74.07 (I ate with a large group & put it on my credit card. I got reimbursed for this, but it was added in another spending report’s cash).

end of march income:
Saving Transfers: +$88
Return: +$21.19

april expenses:
Roth IRA: $100
Rent: $660
Cell/Internet: $84.67
Cable: $49.18
Electric: $39.40
Charity: $75
Car Insurance: $32
Gym Fee: $30

credit card paybacks:
Banana Republic: $68.99
Plane Ticket: $114.90 (April 16-18 I’m traveling for a bachlorette weekend)

april savings:
Car Repair Fund: $375 ($100 of this is for me to save until the end of the month’s bills)
Emergency Fund: $650
Me Fund: $25
Gift Fund: $50

april income:
Paycheck: +$2,465
Babysitting: +$50 (to CRFund)
Blogging Income: +$200 (to CRFund)

Ending Balance: $339.67

Whew! I think I’m finally in a good spot with my money after paying my bills, credit cards (for shame!) and transferring savings for the month. The $340 left in my checking account is the rest of the money I have for April. It doesn’t seem like that much, but I plan to live very frugal this month and all of my big expenses (aka: PLANE TICKET!) have been taken care of. Saving progress bars are updated to the side… yay! The Emergency Fund is well on it’s way!

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I have come to realize that when I don’t update my spending reports every week, I am less conscious of my money, and things tend to get out of hand. Like seriously out of hand. I am ashamed to say this, but I overdrafted my account for the first time in years the other day. The cause? A check. We lost our mail key and had to get a new lock so I had to write a check for $46 to get it replaced. That was three weeks ago and I (stupidly) forgot to factor that into my budget and therefore my account overdrafted. Dumb dumb dumb. Thank goodness for savings.

Anyhoo. I’m not going to count myself a failure yet, just make it through the next week as frugal as possible (while traveling) and simply try better for April. If you’re not really sure what I mean, here’s what I’ve spent in the last two weeks. I was clearly out of control!

Beginning Balance:  $263.52

-$9.67 dinner out
-$7.31 panera for lunch
-$9.94 brunch
-$16 brunch, again!
-$47.49 thai restaurant
-$7.31 panera for lunch
-$10.66 chickfila for me & roommate
-$1.69 drink somewhere

groceries & gasoline:
-$30.42 gasoline
-$32.00 gasoline
-$5.62 groceries
-$13.94 groceries
-$32.06 gasoline
-$17.53 groceries
-$24.63 groceries
-$14.46 groceries
-$15 metro

-$25 charity donation
-$29.68 william sonoma for wedding shower gift
-$3.70 card for wedding shower

me things:
-$14.41 facewash
-$21.19 dress at target for wedding shower this weekend
-$68.99 banana republic (I know, it’s alot but I bought a really nice dress for some events I have this summer)

-$45 transfer to car repair

really annoying expenses:
-$46 check for mail key replacement
-$10 overdraft fee (ack!!!!)

+$240.27 babysitting, cash from friends for dinner
+$100 overdraft savings

Ending Balance: $44.05

Yeeps! It’s clear I spend way too much on food, including dining and groceries, but some of those restaurants I put on my credit card and was reimbursed by friends with cash. Still, I need to be better with meal planning. There’s no excuse for this an overdraft (!!), except a few babysitting jobs I was counting on were canceled ($150) and my roommate owes me some money for bills and dinner (~$80). Plus I didn’t use all of my savings to pay for my $600 car repairs at the beginning of the month. Anyway, I will continue to update my spending reports on here because obviously I need that in order to stay on track!

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Beginning Balance: $2,251.90

bills or payments:
-$660 rent
-$500 debt!
-$85.12 internet & cell phone
-$75 charity
-$32 car insurance
-$30 gym

-$100 emergency fund
-$25 me fund
-$50 gift fund

life expenses:
-$43.33 gasoline
-$56.19 groceries
-$604 car repairs
-$9.92 dining
-$20 gift for my dad
-$30 bead for my charm bracelet
-$31.27 ulta makeup
-$136.55 birthday gift (split with my sister… should get reimbursed this week)

+$500 from car repair fund
+$50 babysitting (went to car repair fund)

Ending Balance:  $263.52

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Beginning Balance: $40.96

the boring life stuff:
-$20 gasoline
-$15.24 groceries
-$4.02 fast food
-$10.00 eye exam

my weekend:
-$4.44 gift on Amazon – originally was $20 but I used Swagbucks
– $9.49 wine for a party Saturday pm
-$77.35 for 2 pairs of shoes & a purse at Nina West Outlet
-$70.98 for 3 shirts & pair of jeans at Banana Republic Outlet
-$23.00 hair appointment

march expenses:
-$25 to Car Repair Fund
-$100 to Roth IRA
-$54.75 cable bill
-$30.34 electric bill

+$50 babysitting
+$2,465.53 paycheck
+$140 from roommate

Ending Balance: $2,251.90

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Beginning Balance:  $384.80

-$30 gym fee
-$53.53 dining
-$118.84 groceries
-$223 hotel
-$40 for a friend to take a cab and bring me food
-$30.61 gasoline
-$41.32 at Marshall’s for a pan & shirt

+$200 from roommate for hotel
+$50 babysitting cash

Ending Balance: $97.50

Lessons Learned in the last Two Weeks:

  • When the weathermen start using phrases like Snowmageddon, Snowpacalypse and Snoverkill, take them seriously.
  • Make sure to always have candles and matches ready for power outages.
  • Giving sad pathetic eyes to the workers at Giant grocery store goes a long way and can allow you to charge your cell phone that has been dead for hours (if you can handle awkward glances from customers checking out… which you can when you are desperate for outside contact).
  • Shoveling can be a really good workout.
  • When you lose your electricity, don’t think that the fridge will keep anything cold. Put it outside in the snow, or throw it out.
  • Throwing up for two days just may be the key to losing the two pounds that from any other method just refused to leave your body.
  • Get to know your neighbors so you don’t have to pay your friend $40 to taxi to your place to bring you Saltine crackers and ginger ale.
  • Never underestimate the terror of Washington DC traffic. Just because offices and schools are closed doesn’t mean it isn’t still a beast.
  • It’s expensive to replenish your entire freezer/fridge.
  • Having a really terrible two weeks behind you makes any present challenges seem delightful.

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Beginning Balance: $212.52

+$2,454 February paycheck
+$50 babysitting cash (not including in ending balance)*

-$30.39 Gasoline
-$1.48  Coffee
-$25 to Car Repair*
-$660 Rent
-$100 Roth IRA
-$85 Internet & cell phone bill
-$1,200 Debt (woohoo!)**
-$50 Donation to Susgan G Komen foundation
-$75 Charity
-$32 Car insurance
-$22.84 Groceries

Ending Balance:  $384.80

*Each month I add $25 automatically to my Car Repair fund. Right now it is at $630, which is more than my original $600 limit so I will raise it to $700. Eventually this savings account will be turned into my New Car fund, so I don’t really care what the goal amount is as long as it’s growing.

**I am thrilled to add so much to my debt and have about $130 in bills left to pay for the month (gym, electric & cable), which leaves me with about $250 to live off until March. I also will be babysitting some more and will save the cash to deposit it later.

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Beginning Balance = $67.37

-$2.oo atm fee
-$27.62 groceries
-$6.47 chipotle
-$12.61 groceries

+$13.85 flex spending account
+$180 babysitting*

Ending Balance: $212.52

*Babysitting Cash: Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights I babysat, which makes for a pretty cheap/lame weekend, but I earned $180 this weekend. The remaining money in my account will go towards my debt in February.

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Greetings Friends!

My sincerest apologies for being a little MIA lately. Work has been especially busy and my evenings are also filled with great things, but unfortunately keep me away from my lovely apartment.

Anyone else eager for February?! I sure am. February 1st (aka: payday) cannot come too soon! For one thing, el dinero is running out, but I’m also eager to calculate a new budget after the raise.

Lately I’ve been feeling… complacent? Discontent? Impatient? Hm, I’m not sure what the right word is, I think I’m just ready for a change. I’m ready to be debt-free and have all my money go to savings. I’m ready for spring to arrive along with many fun, exciting plans. I’m also ready for something to happen with J. We’ve been long distance for 19 months now and I’m tired of it. Last week there were some exciting opportunities that fizzled out. :-/ Some days I just wish he would move up here, even if he was simply my stay-at-home-BF. But alas, I must be practical and patient.

In other news, I had a lovely weekend! It was very social but also allowed for some much-needed rest.

Beginning Balance = $127.82

+$5.90 sold a book on Amazon
+$50 babysitting

-$35.66 gasoline
-$33.19 electric bill
-$2.50 groceries
-$20 dinner
-$25 to Car Repair fund

Ending Balance = $67.37

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My week has been very busy! But a very good kind of busy that helps the days go fast and gives enough challenge without reaching the stressful threshold. Being busy also keeps away the Winter Blues so I’m very thankful for that. Unfortunately my busy week meant I have neglected writing blog posts on here. You’ll forgive though, right? ;)

Girl’s Weekend
This past weekend I had a fabulous time with three of my great friends from college. We talked until 4am, went through many bottles of wine, shopped until our cute shoes wore out (I only spent $6, thank you), and ate so much food I’m starting to think those two pounds I lost last week are back with me.

Spending Report:
This spending report is a bit of a mess. I had $50 in cash and used it to pay for some meals/parking, and was reimbursed for putting meals on my card, so let’s just say I have $127 left in the bank. Some of the expenses for this weekend included gas and groceries that I bought last week , so I’m not going to tally up how much this weekend cost me, just make sure I stay under budget the rest of the month.

Here’s a high level of what I’ve spent since last week:

IKEA: $21.19 (found a cake stand!)
Groceries: $13.53
Medicine: $21.77
Gap: $6.26 (bought three workout shirts)
Gasoline: $20.57
Dining: $A lot.
Cable: $50
Target: $16.92 (bought three cardigans)

Ending Balance =$127.82

End-of-January Goals:
With such a little amount of money left for the month, my goal is to not to buy any more groceries and only spend this on gasoline and a dinner I have planned with a friend this weekend. I plan to get $175 from babysitting and roommate reimbursements, so I’d love to end January with $100 in the bank. We shall see about that.

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