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Here’s the Breakdown:

Liquid Assets: $4,760
Checking Account: $54.48
Emergency Savings: $3,976 | $500 added to this from Tax Refund
Car Repair Fund: $638
Gift Fund: $65.47
Future Fund: $26.03

Long-term Assets: $4,335
401(k): $3,252
Roth IRA: $1,044
Stocks: $38

Debts: $602
Student Loans: $500 | paid $1,200 towards debt!
Credit Cards: $102 | payment on this balance was pending on 2/28

Net Worth = $8,493

I increased my net worth by $2,035, which was mostly due to $1,200 paying debt, my $500 federal tax refund, and the stock market doing well. I think Frugal February was a success!

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wordless wednesday


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Accomplished this Week:

  • Buy J’s parents a Christmas present. See below what I got them!
  • Bake something for select coworkers (supervisors, boss). Peppermint Bark!
  • Go to the gym three times. Went 4 times. Booya.
  • Post 2010 goals.
  • Figure out all blogs while away.
  • Attend PF happy hour! Done!
  • Mail surprise package today. :)
  • Pack for the cruise and don’t forget passport!
  • Finish 10,000 things at work. YAY!!!!
  • Take breath and enjoy the season.

Presents for J’s Parents:
His Dad: I got him a Redskins’ daily calendar. Eh, kind of lame, but he’s so darn hard to shop for I think this is good enough.

His Mom: Ever since I first met his mom, she told me to call her Mama Smith (not their real last name), so I decided to get a plain apron and embroider “Mama Smith” on it. She cooks a lot and I think this will be a thoughtful gift.

Beginning Balance: $355.95

-$31.00 gasoline
-$10.80 Happy Hour
-$300 Debt!!!
-$58.38 Christmas gifts, multiple stores
-$4.76 Subway

+$80 from roommate
+$50 babysitting
+$130 cash I’m using for my cruise

Ending Balance: $251.01 (not including the cash)

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…years ago I went on my first date with J. It’s funny looking back at how awkward and nervous we both were. Or maybe I am just speaking for myself. I woke up so giddy that morning and it took me an hour to pick an outfit. The afternoon was so pleasant that I had my apartment door open and I remember seeing him at the doorway with wildflowers in his hands. We started laughing when we got to the restaurant because it was a Tuesday night and so empty. I remember I ordered spaghetti and asked him about old girlfriends (two things I heard later you should never do on a first date.) After that I had the most amazing week of my life. What a funny time that was back then! It’s been a great year and a half and I can’t wait for more.

Forgive the occasional bursts of affection and sentiments. I try not not let this be a “love blog” but am such a little Romantic I can’t help it sometimes! :)

{Photo/art from MadeByGirl}

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I know I know I know. :( I said I wouldn’t shop, but I did. You all are probably sooo disappointed in me and I’m a terrible example of self discipline. I had a Friends and Family 30% discount at Banana Republic and the Gap and went to the OUTLETS. I just couldn’t give up the chance to buy $15 work pants. And $10 purple flats. And a $10 cardigan. And a few other pretty things…. I’m a failuuuure!

I thought about not sharing this little $120 budget deficit with you all, but of course I have to tell the truth on this blog. Budget and spending report need some work before they show their face on here.

{photo credit}

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A while ago I asked what I should do with the additional money I’ll be receiving with my new raise at the end of September. Sadly, no one chose Option F! (Refresher: that option was “Put it all in my Clothing Fund and spend it frivolously.” Rats!). A lot of you had fantastic suggestions, and of course I wanted to use all of them. Finally, after doing a little basic math, I have come to a decision.

My decisions is to ….

Increase 401(k) & Debt Payment!

Those who suggested the closest were: Carrie, Stacking Pennies, Erin A, Julie K, and Serendipity. Thanks to all though!

I decided to put 3% of my salary into my 401(k) each month, which is about $100 of pre-taxed dollars. (My employer already contributes 3% regardless of what I do, so 6% will be added monthly.)

About $100 of the raise will be added to my take home pay and back into my monthly budget (we’ll see for sure; could be more or less depending on taxes). This $100 will then beef up my debt payment to around $600. I decided to split it this way because I feel my savings is sufficient to hold me over during this time. I cannot wait to start SAVING that $600 instead!

Here’s my excel chart of all of my payments. May 2010 has become my new favorite future month. ;)


Eight payments left until I am debt-free!

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Purchasing in Pink

The color pink is a happy color. It is the color of pretty handbags and cashmere sweaters. It’s the color you see at the peak of a gorgeous sunrise. It’s the soft color that lights up cherry blossom trees in the spring. It signifies gentleness and femininity.

At least that’s what I’ve traditionally thought when I saw the color. However, I’ve had a different perspective on pink since I found out my mom has breast cancer. It still represents femininity, but the gentleness has gone. I see it now and think perseverance, strength, struggle.

Tomorrow my mom has her last chemotherapy treatment. These months have been challenging, but not without its many blessings. So far the doctors have nothing but good news, but we will know more after surgery and a few rounds of radiation. Thank you for all of your thoughts, prayers and support these last few months! I am hopeful to one day announce my mom as a breast cancer survivor.

But of course I couldn’t write a whole post without have a personal finance reference! ;) About a month ago I ordered this debit card from my bank. Each time I used it, it reminds me to pray for my mom and other women out there suffering with breast cancer. I love it!

Susan G Komen Debit Visa

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– $33.41 cable
– $96.84 electric
Ran: 7 miles

– $27.59 gas
– $13.27 groceries
– $7.78 dinner
Ran: Nada

No spend day!
Ran: 4.5 miles

No spend day!
+ $28.26 for selling books on Amazon
Ran: 5 miles

Ending Balance: $131.98

This week was pretty ordinary with minimal surprise expenses, except for dinner on Tuesday night. Traditioinally I like to eat out only on the weekends, but I went out with some friends for Taco Tuesday and you just can’t pass up $0.75 tacos!

As for running, I didn’t have to babysit on Thursday (boo) so I got in an extra run in. Tomorrow I’m planning on going 8 miles. Even if I have to walk some of it, I’m determined to finish the entire thing.

To Do this Weekend:

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