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Have a sunny weekend!

{this photo is what my street looks like}

Happy Friday! Anyone have lovely Easter Weekend plans? My weekend consist of cherry blossoms, spring cleaning, afternoon bike rides, reading pages from a novel on the National Mall, attending church service, hunting Easter eggs at a Sunday brunch, and soaking up as much Vitamin D as I can get. It’s my keep-busy plan for not spending Easter with my family.

This week’s spending was pretty standard for the beginning of the month, meaning there was money going in all kinds of directions! I have updated my Kitchen Inventory list. I think I’ll just cross off/add to my original list instead of creating a whole new list each week. But I have yet to spend any money this month on groceries! Scoooore.

Meals this week:
-Monday: rice & chicken
-Tuesday: stirfry & rice
-Wednesday: babysat
-Thursday: out to eat with a friend

Here are some other “Eat Your Entire Kitchen” participants. Anyone else want to participate with us in April?

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Saturday morning is my favorite time of the week. I always thought Friday evening was, but I find myself so tired after a whole week’s work that I am rather useless on Fridays. Saturday mornings, however, I slowly wake up, make a homemade breakfast and drink cups of delicious coffee while I prepare for my day of nothing. :)

Actually, I have a lot I want to accomplish today. I have three weekend trips planned in the next month and I feel the need to organize my life in preparation for a busy month. Here’s my weekend to do list:

  • Make a meal list & go grocery shopping
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Watch a lot of college basketball (even though my bracket is screwed)
  • Do some major housekeeping
  • Wrap presents for next week’s wedding shower
  • Go out with friends to a Jazz bar
  • Calculate all expenses and report on blog (whoops, a bit behind!)
  • Organize my room and pack books to take home
  • Buy plane ticket for bachlorette party weekend

Hope everyone has a lovely first day of spring! :)

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One year ago my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and after months of chemo, surgery and radiation, thankfully today she is a breast cancer survivor!

{sign my sister made for her last chemo}

This Saturday my family is hosting a Celebration Party to thank all the friends and families who fought with us this past year. My mom created an Evite a few months ago, and what started with just a couple dozen invites has turned into 89 people who RSVPed “Yes.” That’s the size of a small wedding! Nevertheless, it should be a great time with lots of southern sunshine, five different kinds of cake, and friendly faces I haven’t seen in months (including my BFF and J!).

Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate life and welcome Spring, don’t you think? Hope everyone else has a great weekend! :)

PS- You guys are AWESOME! I couldn’t believe how many congratulations I got yesterday… thanks so much for all your support!

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My weekend high expectations were certainly met; J and I had a terrific time together! We went shopping, saw two movies, watched a lot of Olympics, ate lots of food, and laughed constantly. It was just what we needed after a month and a half apart.

Beginning Balance: $97.50

+$50 babysitting cash (used it all on food, parking fees, etc.)
-$56.54 dinner
J paid for everything else

Ending Balance: $40.96

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Happy Weekend Ahead!

There are many downsides to long distance relationships–I don’t think I need to reiterate this list since they’re fairly obvious. But one positive thing for LDRs is when you finally get to see the person.

You know the saying “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”? I don’t know if that’s necessarily true. I think I would grow just as fond of J if we were living in the same town as we do being apart, but I do turn into a different person after two long, cold months of not seeing each other. For example,  I am currently sitting at my desk at work like I’m a little school girl on Christmas Eve. I check the clock every half hour. All my gal-pal coworkers keep giving me comments about my stellar mood. I have a silly grin that has been plastered on my face since I woke up this morning. Perhaps the saying should be “Absence makes the heart a giddy fool” instead? ;)

Weekend Plans Thus Far: Tonight I have to babysit (because my bank account has diminished to a mere $97), but he will be waiting for me at home when I get off (and I have planned a nice “hello J!” surprise apartment for when he arrives). My roommate will be out of town and we plan to go see Avatar and Valentine’s Day (a his/her movie compromise). Of course besides entertainment, we seem to have brainstormed far more restaurant ideas than there are meals in our weekend so we will attempt to tackle that challenge with gusto.

Aw, yay. I love happy weekend and cannot wait for them to begin!

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Girl’s Weekend!!!

I have some of the best friends from college, but unfortunately all of us are scattered about the eastern shore. We don’t see each other as often as we’d like, but that just means we get to plan Girl’s Weekends! This weekend I am hosting Girl’s Weekend. I am sooo excited. I have three beautiful girls staying with me for three days!

One challenge for Girl’s Weekend is the cost. Whether you are the one traveling or the one hosting, there are always expenses.

Here’s a little snapshot of what hosting expenses include:

  • Gasoline for airport pickups and any driving around town
  • Groceries for breakfasts, snacks. desserts and meals
  • Dining or going out costs
  • Movies or entertainment
  • Shopping
  • Apartment decorations — Having out of town guests gives me an excuse to buy apartment “wants,” including flowers, cute decorations or kitchen items. This past weekend I bought an adorable chalkboard, cream/sugar set, and little dish towels to help pretty-up my place.

The four of us all live in separates cities with separate salaries and budgets. In order to tailor to everyone’s lifestyle, I like to plan activities to make sure there are a lot of options so that each person can spend as much or as little as they want. For example, I have a list of shopping places we could all go, restaurants with a variety of prices, and activities that could be versatile. This may sound silly, but one of the things my friends and I love to do is get dressed up and take pictures together somewhere. That’s as cheap as it comes!

Mentally I have prepared myself that January would be expensive so I don’t have to pinch the pennies the entire time people are in town. I want to have the flexibility to go see a show or ice skate if that’s what everyone wants to do. There’s nothing worse than a hostess who complains about the expenses of having people in town. If you can’t afford to host your friends, you probably shouldn’t, unless you’re all upfront on what you’re doing and the costs associated.

Anyone else host Girl’s Weekends a lot? Any tips you have for having out-of-town guests?

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My Lovely Weekend.

Ahhh, what  lovely weekend I just had!

The fun started on Friday. I was meeting my friends for Happy Hour after work on U Street. I got off the Metro and briskly walked towards the bar, when I crossed the street and there standing by the curb was Anderson Cooper. I couldn’t believe my eyes! The Silver Fox was standing within arm’s reach from me. Who knows what my face looked like, but I saw him look down at his phone and smile, clearly knowing that I recognized him. I kept walking, continuing to look back, debating whether to go up, ask for a picture, and say something like “I ran into you at Inauguration, we have to stop meeting like this!” But I didn’t want to be that girl. So I went inside the bar, told my friends that he was standing outside, but by the time they came to the window, he was already gone. Apparently he got his hair cut at Bang Salon and was just waiting for his driver. Ahhh, happy day.

Here’s my pathetic shot of him when I saw him during Inauguration. He kept turning around every time I tried to take a photo of him! (Wow, I sound like annoying paparazzi.)

The rest of the weekend was wonderful also. Saturday I woke up to a rainy day, planning to take advantage of my roommate out of town. I made coffee, turned on a Christmas movie, and suddenly squealed when I saw the rain had turned to snow outside! Y’all, it was a Christmas Miracle. I spent the rest of the day decorating my tiny Christmas tree, wrapping presents, baking gingerbread, cooking stews, cleaning the apartment, and taking walks in the snow. There’s something so magical about the first snow of the winter–especially when it happens in December.

Spending Report:
Beginning Balance: $564.60

-$10 drinks at the bar (paid with cash)
-$10.59 dvd – gift
-$2.48 McDonalds after the bar, very bad decision
-$29.99 gym fee for the  month
-$35.31 groceries*
-$50 charity

Beginning Balance: $436.23

*I have enough food to last me for a long time, so I am to challenge myself not to buy any more groceries this month. I’ll be gone in two weeks so this food is more than enough to last me until then.

PS- I also added SNOW to the blog! Do you like or is it really annoying? If you have WordPress and want to add it, go to “Appearance” and click “Extras” and click “Snow falling on your blog.” :)

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One of the reasons I love living in a semi-big city is that there’s always something fun to do on the weekends. This past weekend was my roommate’s birthday, so I got a few of our friends together and surprised her with ice skating and karaoke on Friday night. Then Saturday we spent the day around the city and venturing to the National Harbor. Sunday I babysat, which was much needed for my budget.

Birthdays are fun, but I hate the pressure of paying for the birthday girl/boy’s meals. I will do it, but I have never been a fan of that tradition. Perhaps that makes me sound like a heartless friend. I always refuse people paying for me and consider the “going out” a gift in itself. Is that a weird thing to hate, or are there others who feel the same way?

Beginning Balance: $82.14

+$50 babysitting from Thursday night
-$11.00 ice skating
-$20.00 dinner
-$6.00 parking
$7.41 gasoline
-$3.31 starbucks
-$20.00 lunch
+$80 babysitting

Ending Balance: $144.42

This is going to be a busy but very short week. :) Hooray for Thanksgiving coming soon!

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Have a love-ly weekend.


This weekend I am visiting J! I can hardly contain my excitement. Sure we saw each other in Atlanta and when I went to that wedding, but it really hasn’t been since August that we’ve had just a low-key weekend by ourselves.

It’s also the last time I’ll be able to visit him before he graduates in December! Y’all–he’s graduating in one month. I’m so excited! His post-grad plans, you ask? Well. Right now it’s moving home (4 hours from me instead of 7!) and looking for a job.

Weekend Agenda:
-Eat lots and lots of good food.
-Attend a college football game.
-Visit the local pub.
-Watch movies and giggle a lot.
-Play pretend that we live in the same town.

Weekend Budget:
-$75 on gasoline and road food. (J said he’d cover the rest. Always a sweetheart that one.)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

{photo credit}

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Have an autumny weekend!


The third weekend of October has always been my very favorite. It is peak weekend: the colors on the leaves are the most vibrant and the air feels 100% fall.

I love it.

Perhaps the weather won’t be this fabulous all weekend, or maybe it doesn’t feel that way where you live, but I think everyone should try to do something autumny no matter the weather. Me? I plan to attend an Oktoberfest and carve a pumpkin. Oh, and of course drink coffee in a cozy sweater like the picture above.

P.S. Autumny may not be recognized by spellcheck, but it is definitely a word. You have my permission to use it liberally. ;)

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