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My 10 in 10 Goal: To workout 3 times per week minimum, eat healthier foods, and if possible lose 5 pounds.


Starting Weight: 130 lbs.
Today’s Weight: 128!
Weight Loss: 2 lbs!

Gym Visits: 4
Monday – Morning workout, cardio + arms
Tuesday – Morning workout, cardio + legs
Wednesday – Yoga!
Thursday – Morning workout, cardio + arms

Healthy Foods:
I did SO much better this week! I started to count my calories again and aimed for 1400 to 1500 and very conscious of what foods I ate. I stayed within 1400 to 1700 for the week.

This year I am participating in 10 in  2010, a challenge to get healthy in 2010 starting in the first 10 weeks, hosted by Recipe Girl. Click here to see the other 300+participants! Week One recap.

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10 in 2010

I am a week late in posting this, but this year I am participating in Recipe Girl’s 10 in  2010, a challenge to get healthy in 2010 starting in the first 10 weeks.

The Challenge: Set a healthy goal to reach for the first 10 weeks of 2010

Purpose: To start 2010 with a healthy goal to set up a healthy lifestyle for the rest of the year and decade. .

My Goal: To workout 3 times per week minimum, eat healthier foods, and if possible lose 5 pounds. I will try to update each Saturday on my progress from now until March 13th.

Starting Weight: 130 lbs.
Today’s Weight: 130 lbs.
Weight Loss: 0 lbs.

Gym Visits: 4
I think I found a pretty good schedule to follow: Monday, Tuesday & Thursdays I went to the gym at 5:45 am and Wednesday I went to a yoga class at 8pm. It was nice to get my workout over with in the mornings.

Healthy Foods: I could do better.
Eating healthy is a little more difficult to measure, but I wasn’t very good about eating healthy this past week and would really like to change that.

Interested in joining? It’s not too late: sign up here. Click here to see the other 300+participants! I’ll keep you guys updated on the progress throughout the weeks!

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This past Saturday marked two weeks since I ran the Baltimore Half Marathon and I am ashamed to admit that I haven’t run AT ALL since the race. I know. I call myself a runner? What is the matter with me? Clearly the honeymoon is over between the Nike+ and me.

I wanted to give myself a week off as a little reward for completing the half marathon, but that turned into two weeks and now I am on my third week feeling 100% BLAH. I think I’ve gained at least a pound. I planned to join my running group again last night, but it was canceled because of the rain.

It’s time I face the truth: I am worthless without a challenge. Obviously running for the sake of running doesn’t motivate me. I need to have something to work towards to get my booty off the couch and stay in shape.

So that brings me to my latest challenge: I am signing up for the Jingle All the Way 10k race!

I’m actually very excited about this race because:
1) I know at least six people running it also.
2) It’s only 6.2 miles. Totally doable!
3) The training won’t be as miserable and time-consuming.
4) The $25 registration fee is certainly no budget-breaker.

I told J the other night about the jingle bell part and his response was, “Wow, running with jingle bells on your shoes for an entire hour sounds really annoying.” Huh. Hadn’t thought of that one. Oh well! I’m determined it’s going to be a jolly holiday experience. :)

As for my workout schedule, I want to keep my goals broad enough that I have the flexibility to actually meet them and not feel discouraged if I miss a day. So my goal for each week is to run 10 to 15 miles and do yoga at least 2 times. I will put this on my Nike+iPod account for extra accountability.

Let’s hope this will be the challenge I need to get me out of my fitness funk!


{photo: via weheartit}

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Hooray for fun long weekends!! I had a fantastic time visiting J. We rarely see each other without some kind of agenda (like attending a wedding or hanging out with family) so we planned for an “unplanned” weekend and it was absolutely perfect. Lots of delicious food, humid-less weather, and fun times with friends. Here’s the balance to date:

Starting Balance: $314.30

+$30 survey
-$20.21 gas
-$5.41 food
-$29.89 gas
-$6.18 food

Ending Balance: $282.61

Pretty awesome, huh? Not only was the company terrific, the long weekend only cost me a total of $61.69, which just included the gas and food there and back. J promised me while I was in town he’d pay for everything. We didn’t do anything extravagant, but dining out certainly adds up, so that was very sweet of him.

The only sad news: I didn’t run… at all. *hangs head* I know–it’s bad. I ran Thursday morning for four miles anticipating a pretty lazy weekend, so at least that’s something.

My break from the world was nice, but sadly it’s time to get back to reality.

To accomplish by Friday:
-Catch up on GoogleReader (so many blogs to read/comment).
-Run every day. And a lot.
-Cook something new from a recipe.
-Update resume & portfolio.
-Clean up messy room/apt.

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My Health History

Jessie @ Jessie’s Money asked: How did I get into running? I thought I would write a little post on my history with running and nutrition since I do seem to write about it frequently.

Disclaimer: I am not an expert on anything fitness or nutrition-related. The things I did may not work for you or may not even be the best way to lose weight! For expert advice, consult a doctor. :)

I haven’t always been into running, or even being healthy for that matter. In high school I wasn’t fat, but I wasn’t skinny either. I had bad eating habits, but was fairly active so that helped balance it out a bit. I went to college and the freedom of a meal card and late binge nights with friends led me to my highest ever: 155 pounds. That may not seem like a lot, but for a 5′ 3″ height it was certainly in the overweight category.

One day I wasn’t feeling well and went to put on my go-to baggy jeans and they were too tight. I mean these used to be saggy around-the-house pants and they wouldn’t even shimmy up my thighs. I realized then how much weight I had gained and that if I continued to live the way I had been, I would only get larger.

I wish I could say after that moment I changed my habits and lost 30 pounds in five weeks, but that’s just not the way this works, is it? Of course I did start making changes, but those first changes were also unhealthy ones like cutting out all carbs, all sweets, and all fats. I’d go on yo-yo diets and lose 10 pounds, then reward myself my overindulging my hungry body and gain that weight almost instantly again. Diets don’t work for me.

The way I lost weight was learning to eat. That sounds silly, but I feel like I’m still learning even today. When I was dieting, I would give myself 1300 calories per day and would use those calories up by eating a piece of cake or filling up with snacks, not balanced foods that sustain me. Slowly I “retaught” myself how to eat. I learned which foods would keep me full, which foods would trigger my hunger for more, and I’d find sweet snacks that were low in calories to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Once I educated myself on how to eat and stopped obsessing about losing weight, that’s when I started losing it. That was my senior year in college–almost two years ago. I was living in an apartment just one mile from campus. In hopes to save money (see, this does have a PF point!), I would walk to and from class every day. This was really my only exercise I was doing and it’s funny how just that little bit helped boost my weight loss so much. I walked everywhere!

But I’m getting off track. Jessie’s question was about running!

About a year ago I was feeling complacent with my weight and wanted a fitness challenge. Now naturally I am not very athletic. I went through all of my options of sports that I could do and decided my uncorrindated self needed something that didn’t require any kind of racket or another teammate so I landed on running. It doesn’t take anything but a pair of shoes and a good set of knees to run.

I signed up for my first 5K for November of last year. I also talked my mom and J to join me. Before training for the 5K, I had only run a very slow two miles. The challenge of a date really put my booty into gear. The day of the race was cold and drizzly and the last thing I wanted to do was go run 3+ miles. Once the race began the sun came out and the energy of running with hundreds of others pushed me harder than I had ever gone before. I finished in less than 30 minutes and had no idea I could even run that fast. It was an awesome feeling.

I’ve always wanted to be about 115-120 pounds. I rarely weigh myself anymore because I’d rather “look and feel skinny” than “weigh skinny”–but I think I’m about 127 right now. It’s not that difficult for me to maintain my weight, but it is very challenging for me to actually lose it. Again I felt like I needed a challenge recently this year to help reach my goal weight and two of my guy friends decided to run the Baltimore Marathon. They tried to convince me to run it with them, but no way was I running that with only a 5K under my belt!! So I decided the Half Marathon was achievable–and seemed pretty effortless compared to what they were about to endure. I’d love to be down to 120 pounds by the time October comes.

I have a confession though: I sort of hate running. I think it’s boring, I find it monotonous, and it is really really hard. And I’m kind of skeptical of people who say they love to run. Anyone who jumps out of bed in the morning excited to push themselves for miles and up hills has to be crazy. I also don’t like to eat very healthy. I’d much rather snack on chips than carrots. However, all of that pain is for the feeling afterwards. I absolutely LOVE the way I feel after running. I love finishing a run, taking a cold shower and slipping into the covers completely exhausted and satisfied that I did it. I love waking up with that skinny-morning feeling. I love being able to wear a size small in dresses and size four in pants. I love feeling comfortable with my body after years of self-pity and complacency.

Wow this post is ridiculously long and anyone who made it this far is incredibly sweet to continue reading. Point is, for all of you who are going through your own fitness/health challenges: I know it’s hard. I know what it’s like to eat a bowl of ice cream and then refill it just five minutes after and feel super guilty (ahem–last night!). I know what it’s like to go out for seven miles and only run four (ahem–last Sunday!). But I also know that it’s possible, achievable and in the end will be worth all of those hardships. If any of you are interested in running but don’t know how to start, I recommend just signing up for a race. It will give you an achievable date to work towards and forking out the registration fee will also help motivate you. I don’t want my $78 wasted!

Good luck my friends! :)

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Ever since I started budgeting, I always look for how I can cut corners and save a little cash. A and I decided not to have cable this past year and just kept up with shows online. Plus we have a lot of TV DVDs and have gone through many series since living here (Gilmore Girls, Friends, The Office, How I Met Your Mother… what can I say? It was a cold winter).

My new roommate “D” wants cable. Now while I love a cheesy ABC Family movie or keeping up with the latest meals on the Food Network, I just don’t want that extra expense! Especially in the summer, since I feel guilty watching TV on pretty days.

I was silently kicking and screaming about getting it, but decided I should at least look. I asked J to help (my trusty techy-bargain-hunter), and it’s only going to cost $30 per month, which we would split three-ways until A moves out. I thought that was all right for just the standard 80-some channel package.

Weekend Budget:
I’m going to a Nationals game tonight ($15 ticket), and will budget $30 for food, beer, metro. I hope to spend less than that, but they charge you out the wazoo, so I’ll be prepared. Saturday I am going yard saling for a dresser and hope to find something nice under $50. The rest of the weekend I think I’ll  just hang out and clean the apartment.

Detox Update:
Yeah… remember how I mentioned I hate diets? I do. I totally cheated on Day One. [I know!] But, I’m not counting myself a failure yet. I’ve eaten much better and ended up losing 2 pounds since last Friday. I also went to a boot camp conditioning class at the gym, and I swear that woman was Jillian (from Biggest Loser)’s twin. It was Tuesday night and my thighs are still sore.

Guess that’s all… the weather is suppose to be gorgeous and sunny all weekend here, so i hope everyone else has a lovely weekend!

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Lent’s Benefits

targetMy job is very close to a Target. Since I gave up shopping for Lent, it was a challenge to go there on my lunch break in the past two months. I still went occasionally for friends’ gifts or to grab household items… but every so often I would venture into the clothes section.

I like buying workout clothes because it gives me extra motivation to exercise. I saw a top for $16.99 a few months ago that was pink and adorable. But! I didn’t want to cheat, so I didn’t get it.

Then another time I went and saw that the price was reduced to $11.89. Gah! I wanted it so bad and they only had a few left in my size. I actually held it the rest of my shopping trip and only put it down at the last minute. I wasn’t allowed to buy clothes! If it was still there afterwards, then I could get it.

So yesterday, I went to Target for the first time since Easter. I called J on the way over to chat because I knew he didn’t have class. I told him I was going and that I was so excited to buy clothes or shoes or jewelry or whatever I wanted! He said that I should only spend $5. Ha! That’s cute. Yeah, okay.

Well, I went to the active/workout area and there it was: my pretty, pink, size small, duo-dry, yoga tank top for $4.30!

I was so excited. :)

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Easter Fun

I just had one of my favorite weekends ever. It was glorious spring weather, I saw family I hadn’t seen in months, and I got to spend some quality time with J. So fun! Plus, I only spent $20 on gas. My parents graciously paid for my gas for my way home and I ate so much delicious food while I was there.

Since yesterday was Easter, that means I can now officially go SHOPPING! I am so happy to say I did not cheat at all! Since giving it up for Lent, I have saved myself probably hundreds of dollars. It’s a good thing too, with all the gifts I’ve end up buying these past few months.

Today I started a Lemon Detox diet. This basically includes a lemonade four times a day of freshly squeezed lemons, water, a teaspoon of 100% pure maple syrup and a dash of cayenne pepper. This is suppose to satisfy your sweet craving and help speed up your metabolism. I am also going to be eating lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and fish or chicken. The “no” list, includes carbs, sweets, red meats, and dairy.

Nothing revolutionary, but certainly a change from my “eat whatever” diet I’ve been on in the last six months. I will do it hard core for at least one week and then incorporate whole grains and some low-calorie dairies to the mix.

I have been a little lazy in going to the gym lately. I find I would rather run outside since it’s beautiful, but feel guilty because I am paying for the gym, and then I end up doing neither. I may pause my gym membership for the summer and then pick it back up when it gets cold again. I originally signed up because it was just too cold to run outside. And my initiation fee was expensive, so I’d rather not sign up all over again starting November. If I pause it for a $20 fee, I will save myself $150 from May to October. Could be worth it. But then again I do like the cycling classes. Hmm this may call for a pro/con list!

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Do you ever have those mornings that you wake up and feel like you’ve gained weight overnight? Where even sucking in feels fat? Not matter how you felt the night before, you’re suppose to feel your slimmest in the mornings. I mean, it’s been 8+ hours since you even ate anything!

Well, I had that morning today. Blah.Ugh.Yuck.Disgusting.

So! Starting Monday I am going on a detox diet. A little body-cleanser. I’m starting Monday because this weekend is Easter and I’m going home and, well, I just like starting new things on Mondays.

I’m not one big on diets because they never last. In fact I don’t really want it to last because that isn’t really the point. I just need a little drastic few weeks of eating only super healthy foods to kick-start the 10 pounds I want to lose. I’ll put together the list of things I can and cannot eat for Monday.

Today I’m leaving work early and heading home! I’ll get to see J tonight also, which I am SO excited about. My goal this weekend is to only spend money on gas. A weekend budget of $45? I think I can do it. I’ve got $350 left in my account for the month and all my bills are paid so it’s just for flexible spending. PLUS after Sunday I can go shopping!

For those who are religious: Happy Easter! Happy Passover! Or, just Happy Weekend!

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